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Help Give Love and Care: Foster an Animal with Tri-Lakes Humane Society Today

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Fostering a pet from an animal shelter is a great way to give back to the community and save lives. Not only does it provide a temporary home for a pet in need, but it also helps to free up space at the shelter, allowing them to take in more animals. Additionally, providing a home environment for a pet can help them to become more socialized and better prepared for adoption. Fostering is an incredibly rewarding experience and a great way to show your love and support for animals in need.

puppies at Tri-Lakes Humane Society
Foster Application 
What type of animal are you interested in fostering for us? (Check all that apply)

By submitting this form, I indicate that I have read the Foster and Volunteer Guidelines, and I understand all foster animals are owned by the Tri-Lakes Humane Society (TLHS). Upon submission of this form, I further agree to the following foster care conditions:

TO accept and consider the animal as a household companion, not as an outside pet and to provide each animal with humane care and treatment including proper food, clean water, shelter and exercise, and to give the animal a reasonable amount of time to adjust to a new environment. That ALL food, supplies, bedding and equipment required to care for my foster animal(s) will be provided to me by TLHS. Any additional costs or expenses related to my foster animal(s) will be reimbursed to me with proof of receipts. There is no other compensation for volunteering to foster an animal. 

TO abide by all NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets laws pertaining to animal care, neglect and cruelty (Article 26 & Article 7).

TO safeguard the foster animal(s) from loss or mishap. I will remove all hazards from within the area my foster animal(s) will be kept in my home. Cats/Kittens are NOT permitted to be allowed outdoors, and dogs are to be kept under control on a leash and not be left outdoors unattended in fenced yards. 

TO immediately notify the Tri-Lakes Humane Society at (518) 891-0017 if the foster animal(s) become lost and to make every reasonable effort to recover the animal. 

TO show the animal to prospective adopters and acts as a representative of the TLHS adoption team in promotion adoption of the animal. 

TO become involved in the adoption process for my foster animal(s) by speaking with prospective adopters about my foster animal(s), providing information and adoption applications. If I want to adopt my foster animal I will complete an application to begin the adoption process and pay all required adoption fees. 

NOT TO change or alter the foster animal(s) appearance in any way, shape or form through surgical procedures (eg- cropping ears, docking tails, declawing, devocalization/debarking).

NOT TO give away, sell, or lease the foster animal(s) to any person that has not been approved by submitting an adoption application and completing the adoption process at the TLHS office. 

NOT TO allow the foster animal(s) to be used for dog fight, or as "bait" for dog fight training. 

TO contact the TLHS within 3 days (72 hours) notice if I am no longer able to provide foster care for the animal(s), and agree to continue to the care for the animal(s) until a Tri-Lakes Humane Society representative is able to retrieve the animal(s) from your home. 

TO immediately notify the TLHS in the event of the loss or death of a foster animal during the foster period. 

TO contact the TLHS if a medical emergency occurs with my foster animal(s). I will provide transport of the animals(s) to an approved veterinary hospital. The TLHS will be liable for all medical costs pertaining to fostering my animal(s). If payment is required at the time for emergency medical treatment at the veterinary hospital, I will provide payment, in which I will be fully reimbursed by the Tri-Lakes Humane Society with proof of payment. 

TO hold harmeless the Tri-Lakes Humane Society of any serious damage or injuries caused by the foster animal(s) and agree to continue to provide care and control of the animal after an incident until a TLHS representative is able to retrieve the animal(s) from my home. 

I SWEAR that neither I, nor anyone living in my household has been charged or convicted of a misdemeanor or felony charge relating to abuse, cruelty OR neglect of animals and that no such charge against me is pending. 

Upon submission of my Animal Foster Program Application, I authorize the Tri-Lakes Humane Society staff or board members to contact my landlord, veterinarians, employers, and/or references in order to investigate all statements on this application. The Tri-Lakes Humane Society reserves the right to have its employees and/or Foster committee members conduct a property check prior to approving any foster home, to ensure the safety, happiness and well-being of current animals kept at your property. I agree to relinquish the foster animal(s) to the Tri-Lakes Humane Society if found at any time that I am acting against this legal agreement. 

By signing this Foster Program Application, I herby certify that all statements and information I have provided are true and correct and I agree to the terms of this agreement. I understand that giving false information on this application is grounds for denial into our Foster Program. 

Thanks for submitting!

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