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Tri-Lakes Humane Society: 4th of July Fireworks and your pets

The Fourth of July is a time when families all across America celebrate our independence. Many people enjoy the booming sounds and spectacular colors of fireworks, but they can be terrifying for animals.

On the 4th of July, many animals become so frightened by the booming fireworks that they run from their homes and the people that care for them and often become lost. These scared animals often run across streets and are tragically hit by cars. Please consider how the noise and bright flashes of light will affect your pets during this holiday. Give your pets comfort and keep them safely inside during fireworks times.

If your pet has gotten very scared and panicked during previous 4th of July fireworks, you can contact your Veterinarian for help. There are medications that can be prescribed and techniques that you can practice to help calm your pet through this stressful time.

Do you have a 4th of July fireworks story about your pet that you'd like to share? Tri-Lakes Humane Society would love to hear it, especially if it can help other animals. Please post it here :-)

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