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Meet Eggnog

Handsome Eggnog is one of our sweet shyer kitties that is patiently waiting to be adopted to his forever home. He came to us after being trapped with another scaredy cat in the Franklin Ave. neighborhood of Saranac Lake. Eggnog has been neutered and vaccinated by Dr. Flanigan at Lake Placid Animal Hospital where he was also estimated to be around 2 -2 1/2 years old. He is slowly gaining our trust and letting us pet him. Eggnog loves to hide and cuddle in his array of cat hidey beds. He also seems curious about the other cats walking around but has been too shy to investigate. From my personal experience of adopting and owning shy and or feral cats, they are definitely worth taking the chance on and befriending. Cats in general can take a few weeks to decompress and figure out a new routine after adoption. Sometimes it can take longer. But it's such a rewarding experience when the shyer or feral kitties come out of their shell and begin to trust humans and be comfortable with their new surroundings and routines. Take a chance on the shy kitties!

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